Matthew White

Master Craftsman and Chief Design Officer

Matt White serves many roles: Founder, Artist, Craftsman, Designer, Visionary. He could be called a jack-of-all-trades – as long as the trade is metalworking. With a passion for the endless design opportunities metal holds, Matt's expertise at HMW lies in design & development, fabrication, quality control and supply chain.

Matt’s journey to "founding brother" began someplace entirely different than the current 10,000 sq. ft. shop. Prior to establishing HMW, Matt worked out of a two-car garage, one-car garage and a basement to pursue his craft, all the while knocking on doors from Philadelphia to the Hudson to find work, sometimes with his six-month old on his hip.

Following stints at art-casting Concidine Studios, Ball and Ball Antique Hardware & Reproductions and the Franklin Mint's design and development department, Matt developed the strong skills enabling him to go out on his own. His unique talents include the lost wax process, antique reproduction, prototyping, pattern work and development.

Read Matt's Full PDF Biography.