proud licensee of  WINTERTHUR
In 2004, the Winterthur Museum and Country Estate licensed Heritage Metalworks to reproduce lighting, hardware and decorative metalwork. Heritage selected 25 Chandeliers, Sconces, Lanterns and Pieces of Hardware to expand our unique line of lighting, hardware and decorative metalworks. With varying finishes and adaptable sizing, the Winterthur collection is a superb resource for period design projects & inspiration.

Through our licensing arrangement, Heritage can obtain permission to reproduce individual pieces of metalwork currently on display in the Museum. Specialized tours are available to the trade for identifying potential project reproductions. Contact us for details on our custom reproduction program with Winterthur.

helping restore WINTERTHUR
As part of the ongoing effort to restore the grounds and buildings to the Henry Francis DuPont era, the Museum has commissioned Heritage to recreate antiques no longer part of the collection, or those removed from the elements for preservation. Among the rare objects recreated and now adorning the grounds are:

  • Armillary Spheres at the Conservatory South Entrance
  • Bronze Armillary Sundial in the Sundial Garden
  • Brass Chandeliers on the Dining Room Porch
  • Freestanding hand-forged gate in the Box Scroll Garden
  • Bronze Chandeliers in the Cottage Upstairs Main Hall
  • New Arrival: The Port Royal Sconces

Full Circle (PDF)
Healing Time (PDF)